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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

K Family {Wildwood, MO Family Photographer}

This lady just had her son return home from his mission and her daughter will be leaving for College! So many life changes and mile markers! They are the best kids ever with hearts of gold! I wish them both the best of the best in all of their endeavors! The world is their oyster! 

Mr. C {Wildwood, MO Teen Photographer}

This boy's grandmother had asked me to photograph her handsome grandson. He was a bit shy at first but quickly relaxed! He has many interests and enjoys sports sports and sports like most boys his age! The rest of your pictures can be viewed on the proof site.

Mr L. {Wildwood, MO Wildwood Middle School Photographer}

Mr. L was very comical in front of the lens today but it could be because he had a few of his friends standing by staring at him! His parents have two children who are in the same grade so they are always on the run! L, finally relaxed and we ended up having a great mini session! If you would like a mini session for 30 minutes please contact me! He is absolutely adorable and has the greatest personality!!

Miss K {Wildwood, MO Photographer} 8th grade dance

 Miss K went to her 8th grade dance! She had such a good time with her friends! She is growing so quickly. I wish time could just stand still for just a moment.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mr A {Wildwood, MO Children's Photographer}

Mr A is just a little stud! He felt uneasy in front of the camera because even though he loves to clown around and be the center of attention there is something about a little black camera staring back at him that makes him panic and sweat and fidgety, so I had to work hard to get these.

S family -{Wildwood, MO- Family Photographer}

My brother in law came up to visit us with his boys! We had an amazing time and got to explore our city with them! They are a house hold of boys and they get along just fine with out a lady in their house! Moments spent with his boys are treasured! They live most of the year with their mom in another state. So capturing moments like these are priceless! Here you go Big B! I sure do love ya!

MR W- {Wildwood, MO Child Photographer}

Mr W came up with his family and found himself in front of my lens as well! He is in the stage where he isn't a little boy yet not quite a teenager either. He wants to still get muddy and roll around and be treated like a teenager. I thought Mr C was a cuddle bug. Mr W will stay up under my side all day long if I let him! These boys have left such a strong impact on me and I have to give there mama credit for these boys who just want to be loved and share their love, also! He is so much like his uncle! I had to take twice as many pictures because he was either too serious or too silly! But, isn't that exactly what this age is. Not a boy and not quite a man!

Mr C- {Wildwood, MO Child Photographer}

Mr C is my nephew and he is an amazing baseball player and athlete! He has a heart of gold and is always so willing and quick to give a warm big hug! I was so happy that they came out to visit us and we got to have some one on one time with them! He is such a cuddle bug! and I love that he was the only one who wanted to take a picture with our new dog. She's a Portuguese Water Dog... she's going through a phase.

Mexico Beach, FL trip 3

Sometimes just being in the moment is what matters and not if everyone is perfectly poised or smiling or looking at the camera. Sometimes, it is just having your camera out and drinking in the moment! Life is about enjoying the simple things and its about enjoying the journey. I sure love this journey that I am on!

Mexico Beach, FL our second family reunion

This time we had our Spencer with us to enjoy our vacation! Something about sinking your feet into the sand and not having to do anything but watch the waves crash the sea shore is the epitome of life! It doesn't get any better than this, than to be with those you love doing what you love!

Grandma J {Family Photographer}

Another pic from our vacation! Grandma J sure does love the sun, having fun and her grand babies!

Mexico Beach, Florida a day with cousins {Family Photographer}

The same night we took family pictures we also took pictures of all of the cousins that were there! We missed having our son, Spencer. He was at BYU football camp! My husband and his mom and siblings! We had such an amazing time and wonderful memories were made!

Family Beach Trip

This was our first trip to Mexico City Beach. It is about an hour from Panama City, FL! It is a private beach and closed to any commercial enterprises! We had such an amazing time!

Mr P {St Louis- Wildwood MO High School Senior Photographer}

Mr. P is a bit shy and bashful at first but once you start talking about things that he is interested in he smiles and grins from ear to ear! It's not too surprising that he shines the brightest when talking about GIRLS! I love his great disposition and his quiet way of being! I wish you the best P! BTW, Mr. P happens to my nephew!

C and B Wedding {Charlotte Wedding Photographer}

This was a very intimate wedding for these two! It was a perfect Christmas wedding and the blending of two amazing families into one dynamic family! They had invited only their most intimate friends and closest family members! The bride was even married by her father and given away by her two sons!

N and B Wedding {Charlotte Wedding Photographer}

When I first took these pictures I used a website that I was new too. I did not realize that I would lose control of my pictures. These two knew each other while in their youth, went away to college and on a mission and they are each other's high school sweethearts! Such an amazing beautiful couple. Their reception was so fun! Her family truly know how to entertain and throw a party!

Friday, April 11, 2014

C and B {Charlotte Engagement Photographer}

I work with C at the airport and she asked if I would take a few pictures of her and her soon to be! I was thrilled to do so and they had such a beautiful day! They are so sweet and tender with each other! I love that they have found each other. He happens to work for the airlines as well! She is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so excited for your big day!

C and J {Charlotte Wedding Photographer}

C asked me to take some pictures of their wedding! It was my FIRST wedding to do all by myself as the main shooter! It was exhilarating and it was so much fun! She and I work together at the airport and her husband is also a pilot! Their feet never touched the ground that day! From the pre-wedding to wedding to reception! Thank you for asking me to be a part of your special day!