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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Nations Ford High School vs South Pointe High School {Friday Night Football} Charlotte Sports Photographer

South Pointe Stallions defeated Nations Ford Falcons with a score of 30 to 7! The scoreboard doesn't necessarily reflect the effort put out by the Falcons. Their coach doesn't expect their season to be indicative of last nights game.  The Stallions coach was very pleased with both sides of the ball from his team and looks forward to having a strong consistent season.

Friday, August 14, 2015

FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL {HickoryRidge Highschool vs Mooresville} Charlotte NC Photographer

I will be shooting the 2015 Football Season and the majority of all athletic sports for Hickory Ridge High School. Along with their competitors. I'm looking forward to being BACK on the field again in an "official capacity". Sports photography is where I started! So, it feels natural to step back on the turf!
You can view the rest of the pictures at CarolinaVarsity this will take you directly to the folder or you can visit the main page here.

I also just purchased a new camera with sports photography in mind that would also lend a crisp sharp image for portraits! I couldn't be more pleased with my NIKON!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Prom 2015 {Harrisburg, NC - Charlotte Photographer}

All in the details! {Harrisburg, NC -Charlotte Photographer}

I chose to take a few close up detail shots of Miss K and formal attire! She went with Simple elegance for her dress and her sister-in-law did her make up! Thank you so much Y!

Head Piece

 Shoes and pedicure/ earrings

 Eyelashes/ necklace came with the dress
The date 

{Harrisburg, NC- Charlotte Photographer}

The lighting was absolutely perfect this night! It looks like this couple will dance the night away! 

Miss D {Harrisburg, NC -Charlotte, NC Photographer}

Miss D- Looked absolutely stunning in her custom made prom dress! I am so looking forward to her Senior year and years to come!

Miss K {Harrisburg, NC Charlotte Photographer}

 I can't believe she is old enough to attend her Junior Prom! She has grown into a beautiful young woman who we are so proud of! I hope you have a great time!


Monday, June 1, 2015

Miss N {Wildwood MO Senior Photography} Natural Light

I had the pleasure of capturing Miss N for a 15 minute mini shoot! These are the best bang for your buck sessions and they are offered only a few times a year! Stunning right?

Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I know these pictures are out of order, But I did not share this very special couple's wedding shoot in Charlotte, NC! It was a very hot and humid day and I am sure our bride felt like she in a sauna! But, so true to form she is amazing and didn't complain or drop one bead of sweat! She truly must be an angel!


Miss K {Charlotte NC Photographer}

When you have a gorgeous girl living right under your roof, it is hard not to always have your camera pointed at her! Viewing life through the lens of her eyes is amazing. She gives second chances, she loves unconditionally and is one of the most true friends I have ever encountered and that surpasses generations of time. She is genuinely sweet and honest and one of her greatest qualities is her capacity to love and to empathize! I love this girl and so happy to call her daughter.

Friendships {Charlotte NC Photographer}

"Notice the people who are happy when you are happy, and sad for your sadness. They're the one's who deserve special places in your heart."